Hello and Welcome!

Hello and thank you for joining us on ampart.us, the new incarnation of what was previously planet-arte.de, planet-arte.net and amparte.de.
We’ve been somewhat quietly working on this new site that’s geared towards fund-raising for our disabled friends from South Asia, especially from India and Sri Lanka. Continue Reading →

Golden Statue

A while ago we found an old video tape. Probably it was recorded in the early nineteen-eighties and has been converted from NTSC to PAL and copied and copied and copied … resulting in a heavy loss of quality!

Anyway, we tried to improve the material, removed some flickering, “calmed” the colours and contrast, deinterlaced and stabilized the footage. Here is a first impression of the result. Enjoy but don’t expect  too much! Continue Reading →

Meeting at the River | Chanda

I met Chanda many years ago. One day Chanda gave me a call and asked me to join him for a tour with friends.

Kiri | Painting by Ramesh

Again: Kiri – කිරි

When Kiri and I do get together, there is an immediate ease with each other’s company — no awkwardness, no personality changes to give one pause, no thoughts that staying in touch was beginning to be just not worthwhile.