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Posted on 9th September 2017

I met Kiri in 2005.

When Kiri and I do get together, even if it has been a year, there is an immediate ease with each other’s company — no awkwardness, no personality changes to give one pause, no thoughts that staying in touch was beginning to be just not worthwhile. Kiri knows me inside and out; I can let my guard down, be the genuine Buzz without molding myself to the circumstance, and simply enjoy the companionship.

There is no pact, no rigid timetable that spurs our regular get-togethers; it’s simply the desire to see each other that compels Kiri and I to visit each other’s homes, or plan excursions once or twice a year.

When time and commitments allow, we’ll opt to rendezvous at a locale that holds interest for the both of us — which isn’t hard to do. We enjoy the outdoors, appreciate offbeat places, and shy away from anywhere that promotes itself as a tourist destination. A down-at-the-heels rust belt city or obscure swamp? Let’s go!

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