Why is mem­ber­ship required?

At first we would like to keep this web­site a friendly, peace­ful and tol­er­ant place. We have had some dif­fi­culties in the past with a com­pletely open web­site where anonym­ous users tried to abuse con­tent. Hence, we decided to have a members-only web­site. If you are inter­ested, you can join now!

We hope the mem­ber­ship pro­cess will help deter any­one who is not ser­i­ous and help keep out abuse. Although the mem­ber­ship pro­cess can­not guar­an­tee this, we hope to cause some inter­fer­ence. Mem­ber­ship helps cre­ate a sense of com­munity and continuity.

An import­ant con­cern of most that are ask­ing ques­tions is pri­vacy! We have never sold any inform­a­tion, nor do we have inten­tions to do so. The inform­a­tion we ask for is also very min­imal: your name, your address and your eMail address. But please: take it ser­i­ously! We will deny access for per­sons with “sus­pi­cious” inform­a­tion given and we will delete mem­bers with incom­plete or obvi­ously wrong inform­a­tion about them­selves. Please use a real name and a real address!

Once you become a mem­ber, you will have access to most of the pages on this website.

How do I become a mem­ber of ampart.us?

To become a mem­ber of ampart.us, just use the regis­tra­tion form.
The regis­tra­tion form is provided on almost every page on this web­site if you are not a mem­ber of ampart.us or if you are not logged in as a member!

How much does mem­ber­ship cost?

Mem­ber­ship at ampart.us is always free! There are no trial peri­ods, no mem­ber­ship dues or fees. It always has been free, and we have no inten­tions of chan­ging that. We will NEVER ask you for money! You won’t ever have to pay a penny or cent! If you find ampart.us use­ful to you and would like to con­trib­ute, there are few dona­tion but­tons around where you can make a dona­tion in favour of our dis­abled friends.

New pass­word or I’ve for­got­ten my user name or pass­word. What do I do now?

Go to this page and enter the eMail address OR your user name you used to sign up with, in the blank provided. If your eMail address is in our data­base, your pass­word will be reset, and sent to you along with your user name. If that eMail address is not in our data­base, you may have used a dif­fer­ent eMail address, or you may need to sign up for a mem­ber­ship again.

When you join, or request a new pass­word our auto­mated sys­tem goes to work, send­ing you a new ran­domly gen­er­ated pass­word within 5 minutes of your request. Some mail serv­ers pro­cess eMail “slowly” and you may not receive your eMail for up to 10 minutes from when you reques­ted it. If how­ever, after this ini­tial 10 minutes you have not received your eMail, then some­thing out there ate your eMail. It is pos­sible your spam fil­ter grabbed our eMail, or worse, your mail server rejec­ted our eMail think­ing it was spam.

You should first check your spam folders for our eMail, make sure mail com­ing from ampart.us is “whitel­is­ted” in your spam fil­ters, and if you still can’t find it, con­tact your sys­tem administrator.

Why can’t I log in?

The most com­mon cause of login errors is your pass­word. Pass­words are case-sensitive, ensure you have the proper case for your pass­word, and that your CAPSLOCK is not on. Cook­ies must also be enabled for our login sys­tem to work.

Ensure that your browser is set to receive cook­ies from ampart.us and that you don’t have another piece of soft­ware such as a fire­wall or anti-virus pro­gram block­ing cookies.